The Energy Begins

Synopsis: In our world there’s a positive and negative balance. Few become drawn to the very ends of a single side. Those exceptional few develop time manipulation abilities called, The Energy. Whether they know it now or not, they will have the power to destroy our world or save it, and both sides will try.

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The Energy Begins


“The Energy Begins” is a Dream Maker Films and DMF Entertainment production. The story requires so many extras, about 6000+ in each state across the US (over 300,000 nationwide), that we have planned to take a full year just to film those scenes (we’ll film your state once the required minimum have signed up). At the same time we’re excited we’ll beat the world record for most Movie Extras.

This project isn’t just about a great sci-fi film experience or a world record. It’s also being a part of something so big and being a part of history. If you know anyone interested to become an extra in the film, please tell them to go to the Become an Extra page on this website and add their name to the list!

NEW Update as of June 18th, 2015

Previous Update: Last year, before the script was finished, we sent out a press release to see if people would be interested. Within a few days we had over 1600 people signup to become an Extra in “The Energy Begins”. This was the result we were hoping for. Thank you Emilie Rusch at the Denver Post, Gina Columbus at the Asbury Park Press, Amy Biancolli at the Albany Times Union, for telling people about the film. And thank you to any other press we missed and each person who shared our website with their friends by posting it on facebook and other social media. Keep it up!

We’d love your continued support! Please contact your local TV news, newspapers, and radio, and ask them to post information about “The Energy Begins” on their site. CLICK HERE FOR PRESS CONTACTS

Please visit the merchandise links on the bottom of each page.

Support “The Energy”. The Energy MerchandiseiPhone Apps – The Hero amazon/iTunes – Search amazon/iTunes


The Energy Begins

Originally we were thinking of a way to promote DMF Entertainment. We thought a good way to do this would be to post a job ad, but we needed to figure out what project we wanted to film. We decided on “The Energy”, a three part film. “The Energy Begins” is the first story where we get to know all the main characters and find out what makes them so different from the rest of us. We’ll get to see their powers develop and propel them into an upcoming and unavoidable sci-fi battle.

We have not signed anyone on as crew for the film yet, but we do have a core film crew to film the Extras and we’ll eventually look to hire more.

Jerry Vogt

Jeff Grey

Corey Adams

Associate Producer
Ivan Melbourne
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Become an Extra

Join the list!

We’ve been asked why not use CGI? Our answer: Because we’re trying to break a world record and obtaining footage of real people across the US landscape is a key part of the film. In order to become an Extra for this film (a non-paid position), you’ll need to fill out the form below to join our mailing list, where you’ll receive weekly or monthly updates and other relevant information. Please note, we may not send emails until your state has a certain amount of people signed up to become an extra. You can unsubscribe from the email at any time, but you’ll be taken off the “Extras” list. Eventually we’ll have a release form on the site for you to sign. If you know anyone who wants to be an Extra in the film, please tell them to visit this website! Also note that anyone under 18 will not be allowed to be an extra without permission from a parent or legal guardian. By filling out this form you agree to be on our mailing list and that you’re at least 18 years old.

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